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Cancer Study



Martinsville, Indiana Superfund Site Association (MISSA), Purdue University Environmental Health Science researchers, and the Martinsville Community are working together on the upcoming National Institute of Health (NIH) funded 5-year study:

Addressing Tetrachloroethylene Exposure in an Impacted Community: Residents' Concerns, Neurotoxic Effects, and Exposure Reduction (IRB-2021-1507)

Study Focus: How the contamination of groundwater, vapor intrusion, and low-level long-term exposure to know neurotoxins and carcinogens affect the general health, well-being, and quality of life within the community. 

In this study we will:

  • Measure exposure to chemicals via breath, indoor air, cognitive-neurological, and water testing.

  • Host focus groups and educational forums to discuss community concerns about the contamination - the potential short-term and long term effects. 

  • Study historic cancer data and any potentially related causality vectors or clusters.

  • Develop research-to-action plans providing solutions to concerns.

For more information explore our Facebook Groups:

Purdue-Martinsville PCE Study

Martinsville Indiana Superfund Site Association

Or contact:

Dr. Sa Liu, Purdue Environmental Health Sciences:

Tom Wallace, Director, MISSA:

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