Research Participants Needed

Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) contamination and children’s health in Martinsville, IN

Researchers from Purdue University are looking for volunteers from the Martinsville, IN area to participate in a study about low-level PCE chemical exposure and its potential impact on children’s health (cognitive skills, academic skills, and reported behavior). Data will be collected through non-invasive measures (no break in skin, etc.) conducted in a child-friendly environment in Martinsville.

Who can participate?

Kids Blowing Bubbles
  • Children between the ages of 6-11 years old and attending the Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Martinsville

  • Have lived in one of four groundwater contamination areas in the last 4 years OR have lived outside any of known contaminated areas in the last 4 years but still within the boundaries of the MSD of Martinsville

  • Healthy in general (please contact us about exclusions)

  • Willing to take short surveys, iPad-based interactive measures, indoor air testing at home, and exhaled breath testing for chemicals

What are the benefits?

  • Personal information and results will be kept confidential and will be shared with parents

  • Group test results will be reported back to the community and help the community to identify a proper course of action

Will I get paid?

  • You will be given a gift card for your time after the data and sample collection.

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