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Principle Investigator


Dr. Sa Liu, Ph.D., CIH

Dr. Sa Liu is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Health Sciences at Purdue University. From 2012-2018 she was an Assistant, then Associate, Researcher in the School of Public Health at University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). Dr. Liu received her Ph.D. in Environmental Health Sciences and M.P.H. in Industrial Hygiene from UC Berkeley, a M.S. in Environmental Sciences from University of Idaho, a M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Tianjin University (China), and a B.S. in Chemistry from Nankai University (China). Dr. Liu is a certified industrial hygienist (CIH). Her research is focused on assessing chemical exposure by multiple pathways (inhalation, ingestion and dermal exposure) in both occupational and environmental settings, including the development of methodologies for assessing exposure, the implementation of these methods in epidemiologic studies and the evaluation of health effects of these exposures. 

Current Research Assistants


Jung Hyun Lee

Ph.D. student in Occupational and Environmental Health Science Program
interested in environmental chemical exposure assessment.


Marwan Mohammad Alajlouni, PharmD

Ph.D. student in Occupational and Environmental Health Science Program
interested in environmental chemical exposure assessment.


Araba Aikins

Major: Public Health & Economics
Research Interests: Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) groundwater contamination research in Martinsville, IN (environmental health hazards). Focusing on community outreach in residences surrounding the superfund site.
Professional Goals: After graduation, I hope to work as an industrial hygienist or safety engineer in a pharmaceutical or cosmetic company.


Brandon Tso

Major: Health Sciences Pre-Professional
Research Interests: Exposure assessment in occupational and environmental settings, Developing awareness about ecological contaminants in communities such as Martinsville, IN.
Professional goals: In the future, I hope to pursue a career in the healthcare industry and obtain a medical degree.


Sujana Vemuru

Major: Health Sciences Pre-Professional
Research Interests: Health Hazards and Environmental Toxicology.
Professional goals: I hope to become a general pediatrician while also being involved in ongoing research.

Former Research Assistants


Eileen Yan

Major: Environmental Health, Psychology
Research Interests: Human-environment relations, Environmental health and exposure, Human factors and ergonomics
Professional Goals: I hope to obtain my master's degree in Human factors/HCI, with a focus on applied psychology and the intersection between public health and technology.


Sankalp Katta

Major: Health Sciences Pre-Professional
Research Interests: Air canister and Bio-VOC sampling, Community-engaged outreach with the Martinsville, IN community
Professional Goals: I will be attending Medical School in the fall and I'm aspiring to become a physician working with medically underserved communities.

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Arteen Rasti

Major: Health Sciences Pre-Professional with a Pre-Medicine concentration
Research Interests: Biological effects of harmful chemicals on a community population, Exposure assessment studies, Chronic disease-based research.
Professional Goals: I aspire to become a Pediatric Oncologist with an additional research background in developing new treatments for different types of cancers.